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By Michael McCollum

Alternate paperback model of technological know-how fiction novel. initially released by way of Del Rey. publication is huge structure, published on brilliant white paper, excellent certain, with complete colour, plastic laminated covers.

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As we emerged back into the sunlight, the quiet of the surrounding forest was disturbed by the simultaneous explosion of a dozen muskets. Once I would have stared transfixed in the direction of the firing. No longer. As the gunshots echoed through the hills and I dove for cover, I saw a silent lightning flash on the crest above Concorde, a flash that could only have come from a beamer. And the only beamers on this timeline belonged to the Dalgiri. There was considerable yelling and screaming from the perimeter as our guard force charged the area of battle.

They had posted a guard. I straightened up and gave Haret the news. " I shrugged. " she asked. " "What about Dal? " "Why carry him all that way and kill him here? " Haret asked, looking around the bare room. The wind outside moaned and rain pattered against the stained-glass window opposite the bed. "Get a good night's sleep. " We slipped out of our dirty gray jumpsuits and crawled beneath the equally dirty gray blanket. I reached out and snuffed the candle flame between thumb and forefinger. Haret was a spot of silken warmth in an otherwise prickly and cold universe as we held each other close.

Ten miles below, a yellow-green rain forest stretched to the horizon and a thousand patches of water glowed with reflected fire as the sun climbed the eastern sky. Of the soonto-be-formed portal, there was no sight—but, of course, there wouldn't be. "Transtemporal field," Dal called. A low hum was added to the gentle whisper of the lift-and-drive generators. The transition generators had begun to accumulate the charge that would soon drive us to another world. The sound reminded me of the topic of discussion for our last night in the cave.

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