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By Koral Ward

Augenblick, which means actually 'In the blink of an eye', describes a 'decisive second' in time that's either fleeting but momentously eventful, even epoch-makingly major. during this e-book, Koral Ward investigates the improvement of the idea that into one of many middle principles in Western existential philosophy along such suggestions as anxiousness and person freedom.Ward examines the full volume of the belief of the 'decisive moment', during which an individual's complete life-project is open to a thorough reorientation. From its inception in Kierkegaard's works to the writings of Jaspers and Heidegger, she attracts on an enormous array of resources past simply the normal figures of nineteenth and twentieth century Continental philosophy, discovering principles and examples in images, cinema, song, artwork, and the fashionable novel.

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This is what Kierkegaard calls a ‘letting go’, an act of will in which the search for logical proofs gives way to a leap of understanding. In this the temporal point of departure retains importance: Does it not have to be taken into account, this diminutive moment, however brief it is – it does not have to be long, for it is a leap. 106 We have encountered the paradox with its contradictions, the site of a subjective and individual struggle, where ‘reason’ stands still, and the understanding’s paradoxical passion wills the collision and its own downfall.

R ealising he is deceiving her, he strives harder to enchant her and hide his true feelings, eventually taking flight. 150 He goes away and waits for a ‘thunderstorm’, for an event which will clear things and enable him to do what he ought. 151 Such a pause, we will discover, is integral to the Augenblick. 152 The poet recovers his momentum, he has ‘taken’ his life ‘again’ in freedom, but he does more than merely resume that life as it was. The repetition he receives is not the regaining of his love which could never be the same twice, and the ‘thunderstorm’ occurs when his love marries another (as R egine O lsen did, effectively freeing Kierkegaard).

399. 78 Kierkegaard, Fragments, Hong, p. 80. , notes to Interlude, p. 310. Of Time and The E ternal, Søren K ierkegaard’s Moment [Øieblik] 17 the L atin ‘admiratio’, an archaic meaning of ‘wonder’. Kierkegaard indicates by this that he intends ‘wonder’ to incorporate the senses of adoration and devotion from which Plato asserts philosophy begins. Through these connotations we can connect it to awe. Wonder is integral to the moment, Climacus asserts, even if an event seems necessary and inevitable we cannot undermine its importance as a stage in the transition to the eternal.

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