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By Rick Raphael

The automobiles on high-speed highways needs to stick to one another like sheep. and so they want shepherds. The street police cruiser of the following day despite the fact that has to be vastly different-as various because the highways themselves!

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There was no question about the fact that the occupants of the fugitive car knew they were being pursued. They shot through the crossover into the yellow lane and now were hurtling down the thruway close to the four-hundred-mile-an-hour mark. Martin had Beulah riding just under three hundred to make the crossover, still ten miles behind the suspect car and following on video monitor. The air still crackled with commands as St. Louis and Washington Control maneuvered other cars into position as the pursuit went westward past other units blocking exit routes.

The worried husband stood up and looked to the rear of the car. " he asked anxiously. " Ben smiled. "Sit down, son. These things take time. Don't you worry. If there were anything wrong, Kelly would let us know. " The man sat back down. " Ben inquired. "Haverstraw," the husband replied distractedly, "George Haverstraw. I'm an accountant. That's my wife back there," he cried, pointing to the closed galley door. " "I know," Ben said gently. " Clay had come back to the patrol car and dropped into his seat across from the young husband.

Ben looked thoughtfully at the copper-haired Irish-Indian girl. All of a sudden she seemed to have changed in his eyes. He shook his head and turned back to the road monitors. "I just don't think that a patrol trooper has any business getting married and trying to keep a marriage happy and make a home for a family thirty days out of every three hundred sixty, with an occasional weekend home if you're lucky enough to draw your hometown for a terminal point. " "I know some troopers that are married," Kelly said.

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