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By S. W. Ahmed

Darkish subject, the invisible substance that constitutes the majority of all subject within the universe, is still certainly one of science's maximum mysteries. yet what if it really is not anything greater than usual subject purposely hidden from our view? What if we're merely allowed to determine a small fraction of the celebrities in our galaxy, as the overwhelming majority of big name platforms are teeming with extraterrestrial beings who desire to stay unseen? Marc Zemin, an excellent pupil of astrophysics, is the 1st human to ever bump into this startling mystery, whilst his experiments with wormhole commute reason extraterrestrial beings to land on the earth and whisk him away into area. To his astonishment, the extraterrestrial beings wish his assist in struggling with a giant galactic conflict that's swiftly spiraling uncontrolled. yet as he struggles to outlive from conflict to conflict around the farthest reaches of the galaxy, he starts to discover a scary conspiracy at play, striving to maintain the warring civilizations in non-stop clash with one another. A determined race opposed to time ensues, as he and a handful of newfound alien pals attempt to cease the battle and confront this mysterious, robust strength bent on destroying all lifestyles within the galaxy. yet any desire in their good fortune unusually looks to hinge on only one factor - even if Marc has the power to beat his personal demons and face the shattering fact approximately who he quite is.

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Some of them looked like the ship he was on, while others were smaller or larger with different kinds of shapes. Evidently space was busy and crowded, not the vast emptiness humans saw in the sky every night. All those expensive investments by SETI organizations and others on Earth to locate and contact aliens had been in vain. The aliens certainly were there and were even watching and listening, but they had purposely chosen not to respond. The Fermi paradox, which brought to light the contradiction between the high probability of the existence of alien civilizations and the lack of observation of any by humans, was finally solved.

He could clearly see the alien's mouth in front of him, lighting up every time it spoke. The mouth was like a hole with a flashlight behind it. There were no lips, tongue or teeth that he could identify. The fluorescent eye was spotless, except for the black line through the middle. He guessed that the line was probably the eye's lens. " he said. "It was all my idea. But why is this so important to you? You are clearly a much more technologically advanced race than we humans are. " The Mendoken creature didn't respond.

The only light he had to go by was that of the street lamps. He raced down the hill towards the main road, noticing a group of people ahead. " he cried out in desperation. " As he moved closer, however, he began to realize why he wasn't being followed. Those were not people, but more of the same creatures, and there were many of them! As soon as they noticed him, they filed out rapidly, floating through the air like magic. Their speed of motion had to be at least 3 times higher than his. Before long, he was completely surrounded in a circle, with at least 20 of the figures spread out over the circumference.

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