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By P. Anthony

With humankind surviving underground within the twenty-fifth-century's final urban, a brave guy trips again in time into Cuba's background to aim to change the prior and prevent the around the world conflagration that might go away Earth a nuclear desolate tract. Reprint.

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She opened her mouth and the sweet smell of burning flesh wafted out. "Seven! Seven! " she cried and died. " he protested as the phosphorus puddled her beloved gut into amorphous silt. He reversed the phaser and stood gasping, reeling, crying in his office. He was back in Text B, but the nightmare was back with him. Murder, Perversion—how could he go on as though he were fit for existence? First—three men with a phosphorus grenade. An accident—readily avoidable, but for his stupidity. Second—several more men with the second grenade—and that had been deliberate.

China refuses. TEXT A, 1985—Little-known party boss Mikhail Gorbachev is elected Secretary General of the Soviet Union's communist party. He begins a reorganization of domestic and international policies. TEXT B, 1985—The Chinese "gang of four" is reinstalled as the supreme revolutionary council. Their "cleansing" of society—Cultural Revolution Redux—leads to violent anarchy in the streets. TEXT A, 1989—Chinese students protesting in the capital city of Beijing are massacred by government troops.

He was skimping on his working day, but he could get away with it in this more liberal world. He walked along the concourse, finding it newly unfamiliar, for he saw the original text of the palimpsest along with the current one. An adumbration... the old city mall had been a hundred feet wide, and now it was larger. There had been scenic murals and artificial vegetation; now there were genuine shrubs and trees. The high vault had been painted sky-blue; now it was transparent, and the real Earth's welkin showed through.

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