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By James Axler

Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists chart a perilous trip around the desolate Rocky Mountains to bring the employed killers of a small boy to the boy's father.

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His sec patrol had been out on skis, moving fast and silently across the powdery snow. It was a skill that Ryan had never mastered, though he could get along adequately. The baron had trained his men well. The ambush had been perfectly and safety executed, with the warning voice coming unexpectedly from the shadows beneath the trees. None of the friends moved. Ryan half turned, glancing over his right shoulder, not seeing anyone. " he asked quietly. "You don't. Make the wrong move and it gets to be corpse-counting day.

Good jump, lover," she murmured. " The voice came from the slightly built man, sitting cross-legged on the floor, his back against the opposite wall. He reached into a pocket of his coat and pulled out a pair of wire-rimmed glasses, polishing them for a moment on his sleeve before putting them on. ," Ryan agreed. The black woman who sat next to J. B. Dix was also recovering. Mildred Wyeth was a medical doctor and a brilliant shot with a pistol. She'd been born in 1964, then cryogenically preserved in the year 2000 when minor surgery went wrong.

B. grinned at her. " "Yeah. Means sealing up against the elements. " Dean rubbed his hands together. " "Wait until we get outside this part. B. stood by the green lever that controlled the huge slabs of impenetrable armasteel. "Red alert," Ryan said quietly. At Ryan's nod the Armorer threw his weight against the lever, helped by Mildred. Gears and counterweights rattled, and compressed air hissed. Very slowly, like a dinosaur roused from slumber, the sec door began to rise. Dean dropped flat on his stomach to peer under the door, his Browning Hi-Power in his right fist.

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