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By James Axler

The Amazon Basin is still a land of primoridal attractiveness and primitive humans. Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists emerge from a gateway into an deserted U.S. army advanced, now a local shrine to the white gods of pre-blast days. right here the gang is given royal remedy, basically to find that privilege has a blood cost. unique.

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But the big bore rounds did a hell of a lot worse to the sec men they hit, blowing one man clean out of his saddle and beheading another. She was down to only a few more rounds for the monster, after which it would become a liability and not an asset. Tall and full breasted, with an explosion of fiery red hair and emerald green eyes, Krysty more looked like a baron's plaything than a tough survivor, and many fools had died learning the truth of the matter. "No more than one drink apiece," a stocky black woman directed, pouring some water from her own canteen into a cupped hand and offering it to her panting horse.

They attached their suckers to a person's flesh and ripped off pieces until the screaming victim was only a mass of still beating organs. Ryan had once seen a sec men attacked by a swarm of stickies take a blaster and put a round into his own heart rather than be savagely torn apart by the muties. "Gotta go," Jak said, hitching up his belt. " Krysty passed it to him and the teenager went behind a dune to answer the call of nature. A few minutes later he returned and passed her back the sloshing container.

Cupping a hand, she pooled some water in the palm and offered it to the chestnut mare. Eagerly, the horse lapped it off her skin and nudged her for some more. But as she refilled her hand, the animal sharply inhaled, then trembled all over. As the horse suddenly fought for breath, blood began to trickle from its mouth, its eyes rolling upward until only the whites showed. " Krysty cried in horror, dropping the canteen. Weaving about as if drunk, the animal unexpectedly dropped limply to the ground and went into violent convulsions before going very still.

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