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Thus, when design engineers finally caught up, they were obliged to chose a new label, and CAE was apparently the best they could come up with. Over time, layout guys and gals came to refer to themselves as layout designers or simply designers, based on the fact that they practiced CAD. Similarly, the layout fraternity refer to people who conceive and capture designs as engineers on the basis that they practice CAE. Unfortunately, nobody bothered to inform the "engineers," who therefore blissfully stroll through life referring to themselves IASICs and FPDs are discussed in more detail in Chapter 19.

A common scenario in those days was for engineers to be on the staff and for drafting personnel to be union members (this scenario still occurs to this day in certain industries ~ for example, the automotive industry springs to mind). Unfortunately, it was not unknown for friction to develop between these two groups, and woe betide any hapless engineers who got on the wrong side of the drawing office, because their jobs were mysteriously prone to "unforeseen" delays, and some jobs might even disappear into the nether regions from whence they never reemerged into the light of day (in much the same way that today's engineers quickly learn not to annoy their system administrators).

For the purposes of this book we will use the terms "designer" and "engineer" interchangeably, thereby giving everyone an equal opportunity to have something to moan and groan about. ~he E~rly D~ys As I poise myself to pen these words a grim chill is stealing over me, because I know that l'm about to open a huge "can of worms," but this is the path we have to tread to make any sense out of the horrors that are to come. Way back in the mists of time, say around the 1960s, the majority of electronic designs were created by large companies, because they were the only ones who could afford to do it.

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