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By Kurt E. Oughstun

Electromagnetic and Optical Pulse Propagation provides a scientific remedy of the radiation and propagation of brief electromagnetic and optical wave fields (such as these utilized in ultrawideband radar and communications platforms in addition to in ultrashort pulsed optics) via causal, in the community linear media which convey either temporal dispersion and absorption. quantity I provides a close, rigorous improvement of the elemental idea of either time and frequency-domain electromagnetics, starting with the classical Maxwell-Lorentz thought of microscopic electromagnetic fields and its invariance within the specific conception of relativity, the correlation of the microscopic and macroscopic fields, and the angular spectrum illustration of pulsed radiation fields in causally dispersive media. the idea presents a rigorous framework for utilized learn treating temporally pulsed wave fields in dielectric, engaging in and semiconducting fabrics. quantity II offers the asymptotic description of particular pulsed wave fields in either Debye and Lorentz version dielectrics, Drude version conductors and composite version semiconductors.

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74). The real part of this paraxial approximation is seen to be accurate for p 2 C q 2 Ä 0:6, while the imaginaryppart, which is approximately zero for all real values of p and q, is accurate for all p 2 C q 2 Ä 1. The above behavior is reflected in Fig. c /, as well as in Fig. c / as funcp tions of p 2 C q 2 at the propagation distance z D 0:1 m. These results clearly demonstrate the well-known result that the paraxial approximation is only valid p when p 2 C q 2 < 1 in a lossless medium. 5 (p +q ) Fig.

D . 1/jmj i . ˛; ˇ/ D . ˛; ˇ/ there results ˘Q ` jmj i . 124) is valid for ` Ä m Ä `, which then completes the proof. 2 Far-Zone Behavior of the Multipole Expansion An important feature of the angular spectrum representation of a multipole field is that it directly yields the far-zone behavior of the radiated wavefield, and hence, the radiation pattern, defined as the angular distribution of the radiated far-zone relative field strength at a fixed distance r from the source. /r ! /; ! /r ! r; t /.

131) that behave as outgoing spherical waves at infinity. 98). The results obtained in the preceeding subsection for the multipole expansion of the scalar wavefield then apply to each of these Cartesian components. 2 Angular Spectrum Representation of Multipole Wavefields 39 respectively. 142) Consequently, at each angular frequency ! 133) are monochromatic plane waves satisfying the source-free Maxwell’s equations throughout all of space. 133) is then seen to be a mode expansion of the electromagnetic field, valid throughout its domain of validity given by jzj > R.

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