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Behold, a miracle! Angels singing for us! Kneel! " Nobody stood. Andy Mcintyre was drunk again. In the piteous glare of mid-morning, he staggered homeward from the poker party in the back of Steve Abram's harness shop. The light revealed him to the scorn of the entire village. At the corner of Elm and Third he ran into a maple tree. Uncertainly he backed away, intent on making another try. Suddenly the tree spoke to him: "Alcohol is the scourge of mankind. It turns men into beasts. " Andy stared, unable to believe what he heard.

Now we'll see," said Greg. He heard the whistle of the breath in Russ's nostrils as the television set began to move, saw the tight grip Russ had upon the chair arms. The interior of the building showed on the screen as he drove the set through steel and stone, offices' and corridors and brief glimpses of steel partitions, until it came to a door marked: Spencer Chambers, President. Greg's hand twisted the control slightly and the set went through the door, into the office of Spencer Chambers.

Only as a last resort," cautioned Chambers, "do I want you to use the extreme measures you are so fond of using. If they should prove necessary, we can always use them. But not yet. I want to settle this thing in the quietest way possible. Page and Manning are two men who can't simply disappear. " "I understand," agreed Stutsman. "If something should happen to their notes, if somebody could find them. Perhaps you. " The two men measured one another with their eyes, more like enemies than men working for the same ends.

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