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By George Peter Murdock

The Ethnographic Atlas is a database on 1167 societies coded by way of George P. Murdock and released in 29 successive installments within the magazine ETHNOLOGY, 1962-1980. It supplies ethnographic codes and geographical coordinates yet no real maps (maps have been later extra through the realm Cultures digital journal's MAPTAB software, by means of Douglas R. White, besides an digital model of the codes and the codebooks). A precis quantity of the Atlas used to be released by way of the college of Pittsburgh Press in 1967. It contained the information on 862 of the better-described societies in every one of 412 cultural clusters of the realm. Murdock released a brand new variation with Pittsburgh Press in 1980 titled ATLAS of global CULTURES, and incorporated 563 of the better-described societies within the atlas, categorised in one hundred fifty extra linguistically-based clusters. [Douglas White @ Eclectic Anthropology Server]

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T: 1850. P: 800 in 1809. B: III, 332. Piegan (Nei8). L: 49N, 115W. T: 1850. P: 2,800 in 1809. B: III, 333. Sarsi (Ne7). L: 54N, iioW. T: 1880. B: II, 130. ^14: Northeast Plains Assiniboin (Neii). L: 48N, 106W. T: 1870. P: 3,000 in 1890. B: III, 332. " Plains Cree (Nei9). L: 45N, 94W. T: 1850. B: III, 333. Teton (Ne8). L: 43N, 103W. T: 1870. B: II, 130; V, 447. Bungi (Nei4), with special reference to the Turtle Mountain band. L: 51N, 103W. T: 1850. P: 7,000 in 1958. B: III, 332; New. Santee (Ne2o).

206: Malays Malays (Ej8), with special 1940. P: 1,250,000. B: II, reference to those of Trengganu. L: 5N, 103E. T: 128. 2oy: Sea Gypsies Selung (Ej6). L: 12N, 98E. T: 1920. B: I, 398. Comment— Column 20: Nomadic boat communities; Column 80: Houseboats. Tawi-Tawi Badjaw (Iai3). L: 5N, 120E. T: i960. P: 1,425 in 1963. B: V, 446. Comment Column 30: Nomadic boat communities; Column 80: House- — boats. 208: Formosan Aborigines Atayal (lai). L: 24N, 121E. T: 1930. P: 33,000 in 1931. B: I, 129; IV, 453.

L: 36N, 99W. T: 1870. P: 200 in 1934. B: I, 131. Com- — — — — ment— Column 32: The Kiowa-Apache formed one band of the Kiowa tribe. Comanche (Ne3). L: 33N, looW. T: 1870. B: I, 283. Kiowa (Nei7). L: 36N, 99W. T: i860. P: 1,165 in 1905. B: III, 333. Comment was a group of Column 14: "The basic economic and social group brothers and their wives and children"; Column 64: Probably belongs to a — ^ly: . Tanoan-Kiowa phylum. Caddo Wichita (Nf5). L: 34N, 98W. T: Hasinai (Nf8). L: 31N, 95W. T: i860. P: 500 in 1950.

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