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By Chris Ryan

Code pink, Code Red.... It’s an incredible catastrophe! The Thames Barrier has long past and London is underwater…

Ben is on a visit to London to fulfill his mum. yet an twist of fate on the Thames Barrier unexpectedly turns his journey into whatever different because the barrier is breached and London is flooded.

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They emerged in a big concourse. Corridors led off to other platforms, and at the far end were two long flights of escalators. ‘Thanks, I can take it now,’ said Vicky James. She stopped, got a piece of paper out of her pocket and looked up at the exit signs, puzzled. ’ Ben shook his head. ‘Afraid not. ’ Vicky took the handle of her suitcase. ‘Not to worry – I’ll find a policeman or something. ’ She strode off purposefully, her case leaving dirty tracks on the wet floor. Ben went in a different direction.

He pushed it further open with his shoulder and fell into empty space. He landed in water and immediately went under. He tried to swim but the handcuffs were pinning his arms together. His legs cycled furiously, trying to find solid ground to push up against. He surfaced and shook the water from his eyes. He was in a residential road in Chelsea, and it was bedlam. The water was nearly up to his waist, and in the middle of the street, cars and dustbins were being swirled along like canoes. He could hear screams and shouts.

It sounded a bit odd outside. Watery. She looked out at the traffic to either side of her. And noticed the water. Even as she watched, the surface of the road disappeared completely. The pavements went next, engulfed by mud-coloured water. And then her whole car just seemed to die. The light behind the LCD control panel went dark, the air conditioning fell silent and the almost inaudible throb of the engine, silent as a heartbeat, was still. �115, 000-worth of Bentley never stalled. It was simply impossible.

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