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GAL suppi and pure-N/A water-N/ A toward hold-3SG-PRES king-OAT queen servant "the palace servant holds out pure water, to the king and the queen", StBoT8 i 13-15 (=Otten & Soucek, 1969). Often, amplificatory constituents can be modifiers of nominal heads. In such cases, one can find postverbal adjectives, adnorninal genitives, as in (1 04), or relative clauses, as in (86) and (1 05): 'Jcr. Luraghi (1990a: 80). 2. LW/M 114 62 HI LWiM 114 63 HIITITE GIS-as hmwani (104) 2 Dhantasepus 2 H. -divinities-ACC-PL hold-!

LINCOM Handboo/r;s in The Languages of the "First Nations•. 03. Ca. 440pp. USD 80/DM 120/£ 55. linguistics 06. Ca. 300 pp. 3 maps. Ca. 1997/1. 80. 1996. Languages from an EthnoUnguistic The Tonal Phonology of Jita. LAURA Back from the brink: a study of bow Perspective. ST. LIEDTKE. LINCOM J. DOWNING. LINCOM Studies in relic forms In languages serve as Handboo/cs in linguistics OJ. Ca. analogical for material African linguistics 05 . Ca. 250pp. source 150pp. 90. 20/DM 88/£ 40. 1996. extension. A.

The reason why no third person clitic subjects occur with transitive verbs can be connected with restrictions on co-occurrence of accusative and nominative forms of the same clitic stem. The real problem raised by the use of third person clitics is why nominative forms where created in the first place, since third person forms of the verb are just as distinctive as first and second person forms . R arir 1111 59 L'~/M 114 HITIITE mekki-, 'big', ' great', 'many', generally occur as predicate in their bare stem form, cf.

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