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By Upton Sinclair

Right here, reprinted for the 1st time due to the fact that its unique booklet, is muckraking journalist Upton Sinclair's full of life, caustic account of the 1934 election crusade that grew to become California the other way up and nearly received him the governor's mansion.Using his "End Poverty in California" flow (more in most cases known as EPIC) as a springboard, Sinclair ran for governor as a Democrat, outfitted with a daring plan to finish the melancholy in California via taking on idle land and factories and turning them into cooperative ventures for the unemployed. To his shock, millions rallied to the assumption, changing what he had assumed will be one other of his utopian schemes right into a mass political circulate of outstanding dimensions. With a loosely knit association of countless numbers of neighborhood EPIC golf equipment, Sinclair crushed the average Democratic competition to trap the first election. whilst it got here to the overall election, notwithstanding, his competition hired powerful crusade strategies: overwhelming media hostility, vicious red-baiting and voter intimidation, expensive soiled tips. the end result used to be a convincing defeat in November.I, Candidate tells the tale of Sinclair's crusade whereas additionally shooting the turbulent political temper of the Thirties. using his trademark muckraking type, Sinclair exposes the conspiracies of strength that ensured big-money regulate over the media and different strong associations.

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It put on radio broadcasts, plays, and rodeos, was making a film, and drew big crowds to a lavishly staged EPIC pageant that depicted the lessons of production for useall this in addition to a heavy schedule of campaign speeches and rallies. Even so, the August 28 primary election results came as a surprise, not because Sinclair won but because of the scale of his support. He captured the Democratic nomination with more than 436,000 votes, more than any primary election candidate in California history, more than all of his Democratic opponents combined, and more than the Republican he would face in November, the incumbent governor, Frank Merriam.

End Poverty campaigns in Oregon and Washington surpassed the successes of California. S. senator, in addition to a variety of state officeholders, and went on to influence Democratic party affairs for the next decade. Elsewhere, EPIC ran into too much competition. By 1935, the spectrum of radical reform proposals had become impossibly wide, as political movements of various descriptions jockeyed for members and headlines. Just as important, both the labor movement and the Democratic party were on the move, providing options for activists eager to push for comprehensive change.

Singer, Donald L. " Southern California Quarterly, Winter 1974. Page 1 Page 2 Copyright, 1934, 1935, by Upton Sinclair Printed in the United States of America All rights reserved Page 3 Chapter I This is the story of the EPIC movement and the campaign to End Poverty in California; an "inside" story of events about which there has been much guessing. It is a revelation of what money can do in American politics; what it will do when its privileges are threatened. " Here is set forth how a scholar went into politics, and what happened to him.

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