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Calcified astrocytic sclerosis, 5:339 occlusion. Branch retinal artery Branch retinal vein occlusion, by, 5:282-283 5:208, 209f hamartomas), in 4:156,12:160-162. 4:159,12:150-154. 161f 150f, 151f, 152f, 153f neovascularization pharmacotherapy in, 4: 155, 12: 15 I, 153 of, 12: 154 photocoagulation for, 12:152-153, 152f, 153-154, 153f wavelength selection and, 12:339t vitrectomy for, 12: 154 Branch Vein Occlusion Study (BVOS), 12:153-154. 153f Branchial arch syndromes. 6:431-432, 432f, 433f BRAO.

See Lymphoid hyperplasia Benign retinal vasculitis, 5: 128, 128f Benoxinate, 2:446t, 448 Benzalkonium absorption affected by, 2:385 toxic reactions to, 2:381, 8:101, 393,10:185 Benzathine penicillin, 1:55t Benzodiazepines, 1:273-274, 274t abuse of, 1:269, 273 for seizures, I :283t Benztropine, for Parkinson disease, 1:279 Benzylamines, 1:65t, 76 Bergmeister papilla, 2:91, 175, 4: 125,6:361, 12:304. oculogram in, 6:340,12:43-44,241-242 retinal pigment epithelium in, 2:363 Bestrophin, mutations in, 2:350,4:167,6:340,12:241 Beta (p)-adrenergic agents, 2:408-411, 410t agonists, 2:408-409, 410t for pulmonary diseases, 1:157, 157t antagonists, 2:404f, 409-411, 410t.

See also specific type or organ or structure affected and Carcinoma; Intraocular tumors; Tumors carcinogenesis and, 1:253 chemicals causing, 1:252-253 chemotherapy for, 1:256-262, 258-260t corneal nerve enlargement and, 8:347, 357f, 358t etiology of, 1:252-255 genetic and familial factors in, 1:254-255,2:215, 216f in HIV infection/AIDS, 1:50-51 hypercoagulabilityand, 1: 171 incidence of, 1:251 loss of telomeric DNA and, 2:203 oncogenesis and, 8:248-249, 248t ophthalmic considerations and, 1:262 radiation causing, 1:253 radiation therapy for, 1:255-256 recent developments in, 1:251 retinopathy associated with,S: 10 I, 108-109,9:60, 12:262-263, 262f screening for, 1:294-300, 295t therapy of, 1:255-262.

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