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Tuite 145 Russian E. Andrews 147 Georgian M. Croatlan S. Kordlc 152 Central Breton I. L. W. Gair & B. Cain 155 Chagatay A Bodrogligeti 64 Dogon V. Plungian 159 Mandan (Siouan) Mauricio Mixco 65 Corse M. Giacomo-Marcellesl 160 Upper Soriblan G. Schaarschmldt 165 Dagaare (Gur) A Bodomo 66 Bulgare J . Feulllet 158 Vogul T. L. Hayes 69 Baalllcateae (ltaL diaL) R. Bigalke 170 Tol Dennis Holt 70 El Gallego JA P6rez Bouza 71 Pima Bajo (Uto-Aztecan) Z. E. E. Manells Klein 73 Kalderai (Romani) LN. F. J.

Motapanyane 103 Chamllng K. Ebert 185 Kama•• A KOnnap 193 Klllwa (Siouan) M. Mixco 207 Dam ana (Chibcha) Marfa Trillos Amaya 208 Embera (Choc6) Daniel Aguirra 209 Hlllgaynon /llonggo Waner L Spitz 212 Udmurt (Finno-Ugrtc) Erberhard Winkler 217 Latvian Nicole Nau 242 Modem Seota Alexander T. Bergs 251 Xakaa Gregory Anderson 252 Old Saxon James E. Cathey 258 Biri (Pama-Nyungan) Angela Terrill 261 Llngala Michael Meeuwis 262 Klallam Timothy Montier 268 Urak Lawol' David Hogan 278 lalello Spanish Felice Coles 301 Oneida C.

Instead of running by the cliff from morning till evening chasing larks why don't you find your brothers, who got lost. -cursed him. LW/M417 56 Kazak TostOk could not give an answer to the old woman, he suffered a lot form her word. Especially the words about his lost brothers hurt him. He has not heard before that he had brothers. His father and mother has not told him. Without being able to say a word to the old woman he came to his yurta running all the way. He threw away the birds he shot and sat down.

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