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By Michel Talagrand

This is a brand new, thoroughly revised, up to date and enlarged version of the author's Ergebnisse vol. forty six: "Spin Glasses: A problem for Mathematicians" in volumes (this is the 2d volume). within the eighties, a gaggle of theoretical physicists brought a number of types for convinced disordered platforms, referred to as "spin glasses". those versions are uncomplicated and quite canonical random constructions, of substantial curiosity for numerous branches of technology (statistical physics, neural networks and laptop science). The physicists studied them by means of non-rigorous equipment and envisioned dazzling behaviors. This booklet introduces in a rigorous demeanour this fascinating new region to the mathematically minded reader. It calls for no wisdom whatever of any physics. the current quantity II features a substantial volume of latest fabric, particularly all of the primary low-temperature effects acquired after the book of the 1st edition.

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109) k≤N Now, if we define Rk (x) = Uk (x) − Uk (0) − xUk (0) − x2 x3 (3) Uk (0) − Uk (0) , 2 3! 111) because Egk = Eηk for = 0, 1, 2, 3. 109) to be small provided U does not depend too much on the k-th variable. 2, “we replace the variables gi,k by the variables ηi,k one at a time”. By symmetry we may assume i = N , k = M . s that are either Bernoulli or standard Gaussian, and where ξN,M = x. We consider the function 1 V (x) = E log exp(−Hx (σ))dσ . v. s. 112). We compute V (4) (x). 5 The Bernoulli Model 37 derivation brings out a factor N −1/2 ”.

8) We will bound both terms separately. 8) from below we cannot do better than Eξ exp u(Sv1 ) t,∼ ≥ Eξ 1{Sv1 ≥τ } t,∼ . 23). This estimate is however insufficient, even if we consider only the case n = 6. Indeed, given a random variable X ≥ 0, to obtain the integrability of X −12 , it does not suffice to know that P(X ≤ ε) ≤ ε1/L , we need something like P(X ≤ ε) ≤ εa for a > 12. 3. 7), if A = A((Sv ) ≤n ), let A = A((Sv+n ) ≤n ) and define a replicated version f of f similarly. Then 2 E t f (R1,2 − q)Eξ A exp u(Sv ) t,∼ ≤n = t t f f (R1,2 − q)(Rn+1,n+2 − q)E Eξ AA exp u(Sv ) ≤2n .

105). This still requires a rather significant amount of work. s ηi are Bernoulli and the coefficients ai, are not too large. The general idea is very familiar, but the results required here are certainly not within the reach of standard tools of probability theory. ) A physicist might find that the work of the present section lacks glory (since there is no reason to doubt the result in the first place), but the mathematics involved are rather challenging. s, some of the most important and natural questions have been open for a rather long time [107].

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