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By V. M. Adamyan, D. Z. Arov, Yu. M. Berezansky, V. I. Gorbachuk, M. L. Gorbachuk (auth.), Vadim M. Adamyan, Israel Gohberg, Anatoly Kochubei, Gennadiy Popov, Yurij Berezansky, Myroslav Gorbachuk, Valentyna Gorbachuk, Heinz Langer (eds.)

This is the 1st of 2 volumes containing peer-reviewed learn and survey papers according to invited talks on the overseas convention on glossy research and purposes. The convention, which was once devoted to the one hundredth anniversary of the start of Mark Krein, one of many maximum mathematicians of the twentieth century, used to be held in Odessa, Ukraine, on April 9-14, 2007. The papers describe the modern improvement of topics inspired via Krein, equivalent to the speculation of operators in Hilbert and Krein areas, differential operators, functions of useful research in functionality thought, idea of networks and platforms, mathematical physics and mechanics.

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Denote T+ = |ϕs P+0 ∂ϕs ∂ϕs + P+1 , ∂n ∂n |ϕs P−1 ∂ϕs , ∂n λs ∈Δ T− = λs ∈Δ and consider the rational approximation of DN DN = DN(Δ) + K : DN++ := DN 00 ++ DN 10 ++ DN 01 ++ DN 11 ++ = T++ DN+− := DN 00 +− DN 10 +− DN 01 +− DN 11 +− = T++ DN−+ := DN 10 −+ DN 10 −+ DN 11 −+ DN 11 −+ = T−+ I T+ + λI Δ − LΔ 00 K++ 10 K++ λI Δ I T− + − LΔ 01 K+− 11 K+− λI Δ I 10 11 T+ + K−+ , K−+ . − LΔ 01 K++ 11 K++ , , ˜ Consider the Krein formula for DN ˜ = DN++ − DN+− DN I DN−+ . 5). Introduce T+− I T + := Q(λ) : EΔ → EΔ , K−− + K− −+ and P+ − 01 K+− 11 K+− I 11 + K 1 P− := J (λ).

4), the scattering matrix of a “relatively thin” junction. 1). We assume that the temperature is low, so that Δ is situated inside the conductivity band ΔF between the lower threshold λmin of the closed channels and the upper threshold λmax of the open channels Δ ⊂ (λmax , λmin ) = ΔF . 4), with compensated singularities inherited from the Lint . Later, in next section, we will use this construction as a basement for an analytic perturbation procedure, with an “intrinsic” large parameter, to calculate approximately the scattering matrix of arbitrary junction.

P − 1. 11) Therefore the polynomials ek and dk satisfy for k = 1, 2, . . , p − 1 the same difference equations but with different initial conditions: √ s0 d0 (z) = 0, d1 (z) = . 13) ⎪ .. ⎪ ⎪ . ⎪ ⎪ ⎩ bp−2 dp−2 + ap−1 dp−1 + bp−1 dp = zdp−1 . For any two solutions u0 , . . , up and v0 , . . 5) with b−1 = 0: zuk (z) = bk−1 uk−1 (z) + ak uk (z) + bk uk+1 (z), ζvk (ζ) bk−1 vk−1 (ζ) + ak vk (ζ) + bk vk+1 (ζ), = k = 0, 1, . . 14) −bm−1 um (z)vm−1 (ζ) − um−1 (z)vm (ζ) ; in particular, 1 . 15) bp−1 2.

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