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By John Hall, Senior Master.; Jan R Cartier

Bobby Fischer used this beginning usually opposed to the French and occasionally opposed to the Sicilian. it's a very reliable approach that's rather effortless to profit and is an exceptional selection for event or informal play. bankruptcy 4 is de facto an editorial through GM Alexander Chernin entitled "The Evolution of Bobby Fischer's remedy of the King's Indian Attack". the foundation of the thing is 4 of Fischer's video games together with: 1.Fischer-Feuerstein, 1957 2.Bisguier-Fischer, 1963 3.Fischer-Miagmarsuren, 1967 4.Nickolich-Fischer, 1968 The chapters during this e-book are: 1.KIA vs. Sicilian 2.KIA vs. The Keres procedure 3.KIA vs. The Karpov procedure 4.KIA vs The French (article via Chernin, see above) 5.KIA vs different openings

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