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In some dialects, for 46 Vowel quality and rhyme structure in Dutch against [w0] and not against [woe] can be accounted for because [0] and [ce] are different segments. Finally, it is not surprising that secret languages treat A-vowels as a unit, because that is what they are, at every level of the analysis. e. the 'loan phonemes' and diphthongs, as opposed to the A-vowels behave as heavy in the stress system (Trommelen and Zonneveld 1991). In the theory presented here, they are bisegmental, hence heavy just like closed syllables.

Furthermore, [a] before a sonorant + obstruent cluster might be subject to a special tensing rule. 4 that this process is productive in at least one Dutch dialect. It might be that this form is a last remnant in Standard Dutch of the same process. At the end of the word, Α-vowels and diphthongs can be followed by one non-coronal consonant or by no consonant at all; B-vowels on the other hand can be followed by one or two non-coronal consonants. In the middle of the word, B-vowels are normally only followed by one tautosyllabic consonant.

This is Goat Latin. ib9wiz gowbawowt laebawae tibawin] According to McCarthy (1991a), it is typically the case in English secret languages that the long vowel is copied as a whole and never just the first half of it (in which case we would get * [gobgwowt] for goat). At the same time Goat Latin excludes copying of a rhyme constituent as we can see in the translation of latin. This translation is [lsebawae tibawin] and not ^[laebawae tinbawin]. If Dutch would have a secret language like Goat Latin, this would again provide us with a problem for length theory which would not necessarily be a problem for tenseness theory.

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