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This essay is a spouse to my very own Globalistan, released in early 2007, which I outlined as a warped geopolitical trip publication. I argued then that during a context of re-medievalization - the area fragmented into "stans" - we're now dwelling an intestinal conflict, an undeclared worldwide civil warfare. Borrowing from Zygmunt Bauman's notion of liquid modernity, I known as it Liquid struggle - and never in basic terms due to the worldwide scramble for "black gold" oil and "blue gold" gasoline. Globalistan was once primarily a protracted reportage crisscrossing the realm. this article displays the truth that I spent such a lot of 2008 within the U.S. following the presidential crusade. so far as New Rome is anxious i am frequently outdoors having a look in - the viewpoint of my loss of life career, the overseas correspondent. during this textual content i am as a rule inside of searching. Globalistan may be learn as an at the floor - and underground - file at the Bush management desert. this article should be whatever of a final bankruptcy - out of the stomach of the beast. 2009 is the mummy of all celebratory years. The twenty years of the autumn of the Berlin Wall. The 30 years of the Iranian Islamic revolution. The 50 years of the Cuban revolution. The 60 years of NATO. The 70 years of worldwide warfare II. The eighty years of the good melancholy. The ninety years of the Versailles Treaty. it really is as though the area used to be turning on its gyre as in a psychedelic kaleidoscope reviving sleek historical past in high-speed. And which determine comes out of the kaleidoscope, grinning his cool, calm and picked up most sensible to accommodate a 1929-style situation, the recent chilly battle or even to behavior Versailles-style international relations? Barack Hussein Obama.

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When two non-universalist cultures meet, there may well be friction; but total warfare that aims at mutual annihilation is generally avoided. " That’s how Buddhism and Taoism coexisted for millennia in China and how Confucian virtue is the basis of China's soft power. But China has gone beyond it all. For Tan Chung, former dean of the Centre for East Asian Studies at Nehru University, what we are witnessing is the transition of the world from a “geopolitical paradigm” to the “geo-civilizational paradigm” in which China, of course, is paramount.

Yazdi is also the spiritual mentor of the Hojjatieh, a sort of ultra-fundamentalist sect whose literal interpretation of Shi’ite tradition holds that chaos in mankind is a necessary precondition for the imminent arrival of the Mahdi (the twelfth “hidden Imam”). Ahmadinejad himself may not be a Hojjatieh, but he totally understands where they’re coming from. Even going downhill, and perhaps losing the presidency, the Ahmadinejad/Yazdi faction will still maintain a huge, countrywide popular base in the military-security establishment, in the tens of millions, ranging from the Revolutionary Guard Pasdaran to the Bassijis, the hardcore paramilitary militia, also known in Iran as “the army of 20 million,” and expanding to the pious, apolitical, downtrodden masses, mostly rural but also urban (in sprawling south Tehran, for instance).

But he will have a long journey before inspiring trust not only in China but all across Asia. So to reach his Holy Grail, Obama the Pragmatist may have to heed the call—if not physically at least spiritually: Go East, young man. -centric world order. S. ” Later, his master plan was duly incorporated by that bunch of wacky but dangerous Dr. Nos congregated at Bill Kristol’s Neo-con Central, the infamous Project for a New American Century (PNAC), whose website recently returned from the dead. Dr.

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